Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sign Painting, Breast Cancer and Volleyball ALL use ART....just sayin'

With October being Breast Cancer Month, it is overwhelming to me to see the visuals that are used each year to support this cause. I know we have blogged about it before. Click here to see the post about my adventure for the Susan G Komen for the cure 3 Day Walk. (blog link) This, my blog followers was an amazing event to be apart of – so super glad that I was able to do it. If you ever get the chance...I highly
recommend it to you. You will be forever changed from an experience like this! We also went to Goodwill and bought some jean jackets to help paint some words of wisdom for a fellow teacher. (To view this post click here)

In Tallahassee, Maclay School’s Volleyball Team, started a tradition years ago to help support this cause. They have the teams create signs that will be hung for the event that is held in the school’s gym.  Each player has a volleyball shirt that supports this message of Breast Cancer Awareness. Everyone pitches in to help from baked goods to volunteering for the event. Just a fun night to help spread the word!

I guess with this post, I am trying to make kids aware that art can be used for most everything. We use it to inform! What is the one thing that all these art forms have in common? All art has one defining thing that it shares with all other art - COMMUNICATION! All forms of art communicate something... a feeling, an idea, a record of fact, another way of looking at something, a statement about something wrong in our society, an appreciation of something beautiful, a spiritual understanding. Just try to think of an example of art that does not communicate anything... can you?

Anyway - just a quick post to "communicate" that ART is everywhere! Happy Day....x0x 1969

The sign sums it up!
The JV Volleyball Team getting CREATIVE!
WE all do LOVE some PINK!
1969's ever so cute daughter....getting all glittery!
We sure do "DIG" making signs for a good cause!
The team couldn't do it without these guys!
Love to see kids CREATING!
How do ya like the PINK shirts?
One Grandma + One Granddaughter = A Happy Kid!
LUCKY #13! Look at those posters on the wall of the gym =)
Mrs. Marta - a true inspiration! Cancer SURVIVOR!
Thinking and Creating =)
The event met their goal for the fundraiser. Kinda cool as "A Local School is Diggin' Pink" that so many kids get to do art too! Maclay School painted the hallways pink for a good cause. Click here to see the video link. The information below is what the school sent out to folks to support the cause
Marauders Dig Pink!

Lady Marauders Volleyball Teams
need your help to
Support Breast Cancer Awareness
September 21st, 2011
Middle school vs. Trinity @ 4:00pm
Junior Varsity vs. Middle School Varsity @ 5:30
Varsity vs. John Paul II @ 7:00pm
Special Entertainment by
Genesis Dance team and Maclay Cheerleaders
Pink Bake Sale and a Raffle
Admission: $5 Adults; $3 Students
Proceeds will benefit
Cards for a Cure, Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center
Be sure to wear pink to show your support!!!!

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