Thursday, October 6, 2011

"miss" patty and washed out and ernest and elmer and kindergarten elephants...and dr. hook

by karen 1965 third grade teacher...been kinda "washed out" lately...ever heard of the band washed out???...well, you see...the guy...ernest is ernest....
his mama is a teacher at my school...and and "miss" patty been hanging out for awhile...a long son, ernest...went to our school...went to the university of georgia and now he has this cool music...even the rolling stone writes about it..Rolling Stone was snapping some pictures in the kindergarten building and saw one of "miss" patty's elephants...and she said that he was so cute that i just had to get a picture of him (the elephant...not ernest, but ernest is cute, 2) here it is...the cute elephant... the book elmer by david mckee- a torn paper elephant...glue on a "googly"...and some gray yarn...and you could show your kids the video of the elephant painting...i know that you have seen it...if not, check it out...the elephant that paints...elementary would think it was coolzy...just a thought...

...after you get done with these elephants, go home and listen to washed is a relaxing video of washed out...real different...but really relaxing...ernest has not made it to the cover of the rolling stone...but hey...the music is different and different is good in music...rem...different. you never know...he just might...

Dr. Hook, 1972

ah ha ha I dont believe it... hey Ray, hey Sugar, tell em who we are)
Well, we big rock singers, we got golden fingers, and were loved everywhere we go.
(That sounds like us)
We sing about beauty and we sing about truth at ten thousand dollars a show.
We take all kind of pills to give us all kind of thrills but the thrill weve never known
Is the thrill thatll getcha when you get your picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone.
Rolling Stone wanna see my picture on the cover-
Stone- wanna buy 5 copies for my mother-
Stone- wanna see my smilin face
on the cover of the Rolling Stone.

Happy October 6, 2011!

p.s.  i am just real sad about rem quitting...i was there when they all started in athens, georgia, in 1983ish...    :(

p.s.s. more ernest and washed out information for the interested folks...creative loafing article

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  1. Oh what a treat to click on your blog and hear The Avett Brothers! (did I spell that right?) My 22 year old son just gave me a whole bunch of their music and the CD this song comes from is my absolute new favorite! :-)