Thursday, September 29, 2011

Designing T-Shirts

Yep, it is me 1969 with a quick blog on T-Shirts. The photo above is of my daughter. She is a good mix of a combination of left and right-brained parental units! With that said, we have a running joke in our household that when we hear something funny or quirky - we are like. So, yeppers that would make a good T-Shirt saying. Have you ever thought...what someone said would make a great T-shirt? I think if you are right-brained you do this type of thing....Um, that is just how our brain works! Having a middle school aged child we are constantly saying this. Therefore; we use Uberprints allot in our household! Have you ever been to Uberprints? If not, check it out! Here are a few T-Shirts we have designed over the years. There is no minimum order - which makes it nice for birthday parties or fun events. Check it out! Get inspired!
Heard this at my nephew's high school graduation last year from another Art Teacher (Laura Harrrison)! I thought it was hilarious and decided to make a shirt =)
The name of our first Boat!

As I was a chaperone for a field trip last year, I had one of these made for my roommate (Carson Durrance) and fellow teacher! We had a blast and the kids that were with us will NEVER forget the room #! Good Times and GREAT memories.

Pretty much sums up LIFE in general =) We had this one made with a green tie dye! 
Great Advice from a good friend, Kim Pisano, to my daughter! Love this applies to so many things in life.

Over and out! Hope you have a good one....I think my next shirt design is going to be a saying that I just found....
Ta Ta 4 now 

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