Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, September 2, 2022

The 100 Color Disaster Project that was REDEEMED by Blind Contour Drawing!

Let me just say from the start, this project was a hot mess.  I am not talking "lukewarm" mess.  I am talking boiling spaghetti 212 degrees Fahrenheit mess!

How did this all go down?

First, I gave the kids a sheet that said circle your favorite color.  They had to choose one of these because the other colors were not discussed.  I know about the black and white thing not being a color, but just go with it, folks.

Circle your favorite color below: 

Red     Orange     Black     Green     White     Pink     Yellow     Purple     Brown     Blue 

 I showed this video Click HERE for Favorite Color Personality Video that shows what your favorite color shows about you.  They really enjoyed this video and honestly, it was pretty "spot on" with the kids and their personalities.

Then, I showed How to Make a Grid, but I also did one on a big board in the classroom.  Making a grid is pretty useful.

We did not use these 4 colors:  Black, White, Dark Green, Dark Blue for this project because I was concerned the grids would be too muddy.

I showed this paint mixing video for watercolors to give the kids an idea of "how" to mix in a timely manner.

Click HERE for paint mixing video; Start at 2:20 

Then, I had the kids start mixing colors and painting on the grid.  

Also, I grabbed this project from HERE, Experiments in Art Education.  Great post!

What Happened?

Well, in middle school my classes are only so long.  By the time they got going mixing, they would have to leave.  Then, the next day it was another start and forgetting which colors that they had done and not done.


Being a teacher with a LITTLE common sense, I told the kids to just paint the grids in colors they liked.

We got that done and hunkered down with some Blind Contour Drawing.

Click HERE for the Blind Contour Drawing Video that I used for the project!

Click HERE for a Blind Contour Drawing Video that is also very good!

We used mirrors and I told the kids DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR DRAWING and DO NOT PICK UP YOUR SHARPIE!

We did several on scrap paper before the kids did their actual blind contour drawing on their 100 square grid.

Finally, you can have a L👀K!


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