Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Garden Themed Engagement Party - Hydrangea Thumbprint Bowl

So, when you are doing a shower for a life long friend and you want to add a special "Art" piece to the event...what do you do? Well, we decided to create a thumbprint bowl with guest from the garden themed engagement party. This was a hit. The photos of the end of the party and the bride working on painting just made my heart swell. 

Huge shout out to all involved in planning such a stellar event. It was a blast. Most of all thank you to everyone that participated in the "thumbprint" activity!

A rare photo of 1969 and daughter! She was a huge help throughout the night. She had her Polaroid Camera and took many pictures to document the night for the bride.
Of course, we had to meme up a few of the photos.

Before the "Artsy Chaos" started!
For Art Teacher: We used Stroke n Coat glaze and ordered the bisque from Bisque Imports.
The bride getting her "Art" on as we shut the party down!

1969 daughter helping out all the way until the end. Thanks, MF! This was a quick post to show you how to incorporate something really cool into a wedding party. These 2 pieces will be used for years to come for the bride and the groom. If you have a friend that is an art teacher, you too could have ad added piece to a shower like this. Thanks for following. We have always said that this is an Art Education Blog - but this is real life for 1969 and 1965. We like to collaborate  on Art projects and weave them in our everyday lives. Hope this sparks some cool wedding shower ideas for you!


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