Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Who LET the Dog out to Steal Baby Jesus?

What about these paintings of baby Jesus in the manger?  Cuteness...

In the South, Baby Jesus shows up in everybody's yard at Christmas.  
Now this is a true story.  

I have a friend.  Yes, I have a friend, y'all.
Anyway, she had a dog. It was Christmas time in the SOUTH, and there were manger scenes in everybody's yard. Every time that she would go outside, the dog would run down the street.  When the dog returned, he would have a Baby Jesus in his mouth or be dragging Baby Jesus with His blanket.  You say, "What in the world did she do, 1965?  Well, she went down the block on the country sidewalk and looked for the empty mangers.  After a while, she was quite familiar with which Baby Jesus went with each manger scene in the neighborhood.  My friend got to know the neighbors because of Baby Jesus.  She got some good exercise.  She got to look at the pretty Christmas lights!  She got some fresh air!  She may have even got some good gossip.  Southern ladies love some gossip...And when they gossip, they talk about people.  You know what?  It may not be nice talk.  If it is not nice talk gossip, they always add this sentence, "Bless her heart."  It is like they think by saying these 3 words they have made the gossip okay.  I actually think some of these kooks feel better about themselves because they say "Bless her heart."  I have seen it y'all.  I have.

  Now L👀K at these cute pieces of art and the ornaments!   

So how did this cute ornament come to be?

First, the kids used a Coke plastic top to trace baby Jesus' head.  I placed the plastic, circular top on the paper so the kids would get an idea of where to start their artwork.  
From there, the first grade finished the body with a nice oval shape.
Then, they drew mangers as they wished and painted.

One the kids got the paintings done, I shrank them down on the copy machine to 40%.
I cut out the artwork.
I laminated with this deal below:

I used this lamination film.  It comes in pouches.

This is a large laminating pouch.

I placed several pieces of artwork in the laminating pouch.

Then, you place the laminating pouch in another pouch that protects the product from the heat of the laminating machine.

Here I go using the laminator.  My mama bought this for me a LONG time ago.

I actually wrote on my laminator "the word HERE" so I would always put the lamination pouch in the correct place.  Lamination pouches are not cheap like...uh....uh....potatoes?

Now back to the Jesus story.  I just think it would worry me a tiny bit if a dog kept bringing Baby Jesus to me.  I would be like, "Lemme think...Uh...What kind of mess have I done this time?"  I know He is always there, but sometimes I need Him a little extra because of the conundrums that I seem to find myself.  Everybody is EXTRA sometimes.  Even 1969! 

💚 1965

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