Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, December 17, 2021

Dish Towels Part 2...Y'all This Is Fun!!!

Ok, we just blogged on the story behind the dish towels. As an art teacher, sometimes it is hard to create your own art as you are always planning for other classes, etc. So, I am a middle school art teacher, I am proctoring exams right now. I am pondering this dish towel scene. I am like ...hummmm...I think I need to make a dish towel for our farm. So, I did. I used Canva. Did you know Canva was free to educators, you just have to sign up. Learn more here:

The early post can be located here for you to see how this idea came to fruition: Dish Towels - Sublimation Paper, Logos, Printmaking, Student Art 

For years I have collected cool sayings. I have written them down in a book. My mom kind of got me started on this. She fostered my love of the word in a graphic. Well, I think it is time for me to bust out some creative juices for me. So, stay tuned on this! Below are a few I did this week just to get my feet wet and see what these would look like. 

This one deserves an explanation...Y'all know my friend Katie. Yes, we meme up our kids photos all the time as you can see here:

Kim and Katie's Art + Math Collaborative Lesson: Op Art Hearts

Ok, each year her parents give her an 8x10 photo of themselves. This just makes me laugh. So, she and her brother decided to make a dish towel for them with their photos from years past. Kind of funny, right? How did Katie get in on this dish towel gig? She is a fellow tambourine friend. She just oozes fun! 

Um, well...about Katie's dish towels. Well, we did one. Yes, folks...we are still learning! We managed to not fold it correctly so the image was in the end piece not the middle when folded. Argh...insert lots of laughter at this first blunder. Oh yeah, well the next time we printed I realized the images were not flipped. So, 3rd time was the charm we got it right! Added bonus we did a sweet one of the girls from their Christmas card.

And another treasure full of kids memes: Kim and Katie's Art And Math Adventure...(Maclay Middle School)

Well, living in Tallahassee it is hard to find a few good ole Georgia Bulldogs, but I have managed to find a few. I saw this on Google. Saved the image and flipped it to share with a friend on campus to help get her through this exam season. Loved it!

Happy Creating To All, 1969


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