Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Printmaking Palooza: Balloon Prints with Mrs. Hicks and Mrs. Daniel

Yes, we tackled Balloon Printmaking in our Palooza Frenzy! The results are awesome! Many Elements and Principles were discussed as you can see Color, Texture and Value were high on the list during our level up after school class. This unit was more of a hands on process over product activity. It sure was fun and everyone enjoyed it!

INSTRUCTIONS For Balloon Printing

  1. Blow up balloons

    To begin, blow up the balloon to a medium size so that it is soft enough to stamp and print without popping.

  2. Secure the paper

    Select a piece of white poster paper ( any size will work). Place the paper on the work surface. Then secure the paper with masking tape on all sides.

  3. Prepare the paint

    Pour paint colors onto paper plates in circle patterns. (Start in the middle with one color and work your way around the plate. You can add extra colors for more effects.)

  4. Make a print!

    Dip the balloon into the paint, then carefully transfer the balloon to paper. Gently push down to print and lift up carefully.

    Check out this link for more details:

Only a few more classes left. Stay tuned for those postings! 1969

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