Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, March 16, 2020

Ugly Door Becomes Buzz Beach!

ArT🎨 people notice ugly stuff.  Also, they see where color can make things pretty.  That is just what I did when I saw this ugly door behind our building.  Did I get permission from the King♛ & Queen♛ Bee?  Uh, well...not really.  ArT🎨 people cannot explain to the King♛ & Queen♛ Bee what they are doing.  The Royal♛ Bees would never get it.  Why do they not get it?  Well, it is not because they are not smart.  The Royal♛ Bees are smart.  I think there is a disconnect with ArT🎨 people try to explain ArT🎨 things to the King♛ & Queen♛ Bee.  Maybe it is like the Physics teacher trying to explain centrifugal force to ArT🎨 people without drawing a picture and coloring it.  
My thoughts?  ArT🎨 people take the risk.  Do not draw the picture.  Just do the art.  If the King♛ & Queen♛ Bee do not like it, a gallon of paint will cover it up in a spiffy.  Either way, the ugly door looks better!


King Bee by the Blues Brothers helping wrap up the blog post!


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