Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, March 16, 2020

Ugly Door Becomes Buzz Beach!

ArT🎨 people notice ugly stuff.  Also, they see where color can make things pretty.  That is just what I did when I saw this ugly door behind our building.  Did I get permission from the King♛ & Queen♛ Bee?  Uh, well...not really.  ArT🎨 people cannot explain to the King♛ & Queen♛ Bee what they are doing.  The Royal♛ Bees would never get it.  Why do they not get it?  Well, it is not because they are not smart.  The Royal♛ Bees are smart.  I think there is a disconnect with ArT🎨 people try to explain ArT🎨 things to the King♛ & Queen♛ Bee.  Maybe it is like the Physics teacher trying to explain centrifugal force to ArT🎨 people without drawing a picture and coloring it.  
My thoughts?  ArT🎨 people take the risk.  Do not draw the picture.  Just do the art.  If the King♛ & Queen♛ Bee do not like it, a gallon of paint will cover it up in a spiffy.  Either way, the ugly door looks better!


King Bee by the Blues Brothers helping wrap up the blog post!


Friday, March 13, 2020

Kim and Katie's Art + Math Collaborative Lesson: Op Art Hearts

Are you ready to read about another Kim and Katie ~ Art + Math adventure? How did this happen? Well, like I stated previously....we have combined classes of 7th and 8th graders. Our 7th grade is on their field trip to Washington DC. So, my teacher friend Katie asked me to collaborate. This lesson just took on a life of its own as you can tell by the photos in this post. (and other links added) We ended up having such a good time we did several lessons this week together. You can see the other blog post links.

MEME ALERT: Side note unrelated to the Math / Art blog post, but..Katie has really cute kids that just do cute kid things. And of course, we have to meme them up. It is kind of our little game. She has little ones and I have a 21 year old that the MEME's are just HILARIOUS to us. 

Links to other related Kim and Katie / Art and Math blog post:

Art Lesson: Op Art Hearts

Thanks to Expressive Monkey-The Art Teacher's Little Helper. Check them out for more super cool items on Teachers Pay Teachers

Product Description
Your students will "LOVE" these Op Art Hearts, and you can sneak in some lessons about warm and cool colors. Make teaching about the elements of art fun and easy! They will also learn about how shapes can create implied contours and how lines can be used to make a heart look 3D. This art lesson packet includes the presentations, handouts, rubrics and labels to help you from start to finish! Just print and go …

I’ve also included 14 coloring pages for early finishers, or for students to try out color combinations. AND you also get the Op Art Hearts Collaborative Project. The collaborative project makes a stunning display and takes less time with the pre-printed hearts inside a square and pattern ideas.

Theses heart lessons are different from the op art hearts included in 2 of my other op art sets.

Your students will:
❥ Learn about Op Art and how implied contours are created.
❥ Learn how warm and cool colors can create an illusion.
❥ Learn how curving lines create an illusion.
❥ Create an Op Art Heart design.
❥ Fill out a label and rubric.
❥ Write an art critique about the illusion they created.
Optional Additional Items:
❥ Make a collaborative Op Art Heart project.
❥ Write about the meaning of love, friendship or caring.
❥ Color an Op Art Heart coloring sheet using color theory.

❥ Color Theory - warm & cool
❥ The Science of Op Art - implied contours
❥ The Elements of Art - positive & negative shapes, color, line
❥ Writing

What you get:
❥ Vocabulary terms, definitions and cards to display - 4 pages
❥ 1 page of variation ideas for the lessons
❥ Labels & Rubrics - 4 pages
❥ Teacher Instructions - 12 pages
❥ Student Op Art Heart Handouts - 12 pages
❥ Art Critique Writing - 4 pages
❥ 30 slide presentation on warm/cool colors and the optical illusions
❥ Coloring Pages - 14 pages
❥ Coloring Page - Lesson Ideas - 2 pages / Op Art Heart Assemblage Project and Writing Pages - 13 pages

Ok, I know when yall see the Kim and Katie line in the subject you are just waiting for the kid MEME's - here ya go...don't want to disappoint!

 PSA: This account on Instagram is my all time favorite! Check it out...
@MantraMagazine It is on all social media platforms. Some pretty good quotes that make ya think about things.

When your kid is on Spring Break and gets word of online classes...
She did her own MEME for us =)

Bahahahahahahahahah.....Funny Girlz.....

Yes, I stole / "borrorwed" the above off of her Facebook page and the one below...
I just added some humor for us on it!
shhhhhh....don't tell her =)

Ok, so lets revisit Mae's unicorn...have you ever read the book by Bob Shea?
Ya know, I am not a big glitter gal but the older I get the more I am drawn to the Unicorn. Yes, art club made clay ones the other day - post will follow as some teacher friends joined me for this event! So, I am diggin' all the Unicorn symbolizes!

So, you haven't read the book? Well, if not...take a listen below!
This book is HILARIOUS! Stay tuned for future blog post relating to Grumpy Goat and his PLUNGER!

And, I must leave you with a little Spring Break song....
1969's daughter's break is coming to an end but mine is just about to start!
Take Care
Thanks for dropping in and remember to WEAR your Sunscreen!

And if you are having a bad day, check out this original piece of art from Fiona!

Aint that the TRUTH!
Cya next post!

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Glass Fusing (Beginner Lesson)

Again, I ask....Have you ever used glass in an art room? Well, it looks harder than it is. This is a great "starter" lesson to introduce a glass fusing unit. I encourage you to give it a try. All students do love it! We created these square / rectangle like pieces. Scroll on down to learn more about this type SHOM lesson (Studio Habits Of Mind Lesson) I am ready to make some more!

It is always a good idea to do a little art studio promotion on your social media platforms!

We fuse our glass pendants at R3 no hold in a glass kiln.
Take them out and get the kiln wash off with sponges and water. Sometimes we have to resort to a toothbrush for extra scrubbing.

In the past, we use the glass grinder to smooth out the edges. Let dry and use E6000 to add jewelry findings. This prepares middle school kids for the glass media lesson in Upper School. WE like to try to spiral our Visual Art curriculum in this manner.