Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Cairns Kindergarten Class Created These Fabulous Reindeer With Some Cool Names - Check it out!

 Yup, I had to be in the lower school art room yesterday. I needed to borrow something from Cairns' Class...(who is right next door) low and behold - I walked in her classroom and saw these treasures on the wall. I proceeded to take photos and I knew these were a must to blog on immediately during this holiday season.
 This was a guided classroom art lesson. The students were able to choose the name that best described their particular reindeer. If these names don't make you smile, then I am not sure what will. Please check out Lightning Bolt! Bahahahahahahahaha - the best description of this piece of art!

When your teacher friend's kid is in Cairns K Class and you take a selfie with her to send to her mom at 8:30 am...
Day Made, Am I Right?
Perks of having your kids with you at the same school you teach at. Man I sure do miss that.
This is me and my friend "Finona"...Yes, I know that is not how you spell her name but it is how I say it, so it is all good.
Thanks Cairns' K class for allowing me to share with all my artsy peeps!
I can't wait to teach you guys in middle school =)


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