Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, October 14, 2019

Watercolor, Sharpie, Organic, and Geometric Shapes

This was a 6th grade project.  I gave the kids 👦👧 the following directions.  I showed an example.  I had about 5 fails.  It was the first 🎨 project of the year.  I am not sure what happened.  I do not know if they were not focused or what.  The ones that worked, looked great!  The others, well you will never see 👀!


1-Create large geometric shapes like squares, circles, triangles, and rectangles
2-Color in with markers
3-Drop water onto the shapes to loosen the ink and alter the edges to convert shapes from geometric to organic
4-Outline the splashes with a black sharpie


Art Teachers can't always get what they want.



  1. Can you give more details about the "5 fails", if the project didn't work, it would be good to know the trouble kids had, and also, what level were the kids?

  2. Sure! The kids were 6th Graders, 11 and 12 years old.
    First, make sure you use watercolor paper.
    Second, make sure the kids use enough shapes. More shapes, better project.
    Third, make sure they drop water on the project. Some kids chose to use a spray bottle. Flicking water with their hands was a great method.

    The fails, I think a few sprayed water and there were no organic shapes to outline. Also, some rushed the project and were finished very quickly. Basically just drew lines and scribbles on their paper. By the time I caught them, it was too late. All were good little artists, but they just got their scribble on that day! :)

    Hope that helps!