Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

MaC And The Kappa Delta Handmade Mosaic Art

You gotta love when Grandma gets involved in making art for your college kid. Check this handmade piece out. It is a galvanized metal place that she mosaic-ed using Kappa Delta colors and hand wrote the saying of her sorority on it. Just how cool is that? What a treasure this will be for years to come and what a nice conversation piece for Mary Frances to have in her new abode in Memphis!

Here we all are at Mom's weekend a few weeks ago. MaC normally only gets to see the inside of the gym during volleyball season but this trips she got a walking tour. A great memory for all of us to have.

 Super excited that you wanted to learn about KD:
I know Aunt Dawn was an ADPI and I was a Chi Omega...just happy you wanted to learn about KD with Maffie at Rhodes!

Kappa Delta makes a difference not only in its members’ lives, but also in the lives of women and children around the world. They take great pride in their efforts to strengthen community service initiatives that build confidence in those around us.

In 1998, Kappa Delta Sorority welcomed Girl Scouts of the USA as one of its national philanthropies. Through this incredible partnership, Kappa Delta members make a difference in the lives of countless girls across the country. Kappa Delta is proud to help Girl Scouts “build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.”

Since 1981, Kappa Delta has been a proud supporter of Prevent Child Abuse America, an organization founded by the late Donna Stone, one of our own Kappa Delta sisters. To date, Kappa Delta has donated more than $23 million to prevent child abuse in our country.
Thousands of KDs in hundreds of communities nationwide host Shamrock events every year to raise money for national and local child abuse prevention efforts. Events are as varied and creative as the groups that sponsor them. Golf and softball tournaments, fun runs, chili cook-offs, war-of-the wings contests, spaghetti dinners, silent auctions, fashion shows and paintball tournaments are just a few of the fundraisers held by collegiate and alumnae chapters.
We encourage you to participate in local Shamrock events to join Kappa Delta in strengthening families and improving the lives of children because there’s nothing that destroys a child’s confidence more than abuse.

 We have blogged on MaC and her artsy goodness before:

 One thing I know for sure is that MaC and Papa always encouraged my art and you can see from this post about Papa. Over the years I have been blessed with a variety of handmade treasures from many of their travels over the years.

We are dog and Christmas kind of family and you can tell by this post here:

 We like to repay the favor in "prizes" like these:

Thanks MaC for leaving a lasting influence on Mary Frances from watching The Lion King cartoons or seeing the show live in Atlanta...

To always being there to lend a helping hand....

For always doing Christmas movies with us..
Love ya!

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