Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, March 8, 2019

Sketchbook Identity Projects

These High School Schedule Identity Projects are super cool 😎!  The amazing high school art 🎨 teacher, Mrs. B, did these with her class.  I think they are pretty amazing! 

Mrs. B said she borrowed the "Metaphorical Self Portrait Lesson" from Whitney Panetta-Look Between The Lines  and you can find the lesson on TPT Metaphorical Self Portrait Lesson TPT $4.00.   Great lessons here, folks!

I got the down low from Mrs. B, I think.  I have an attention span shorter than a goldfish, so tuck that thought away as you read these directions.


The kids drew in their sketchbook something that identifies their inner self.
They cut the drawing out.
Then, they painted the the background on a separate sheet of paper.
They wrote adjectives describing themselves.
They gently tore the paper.
They used modge podge (that I call gesso sometimes, but I don't know why) over the work to provide a finished look.

Have a L👀K:

I love the piece with the camera.  I love cameras in general and taking pictures.  I have taken pictures of most folks in a 100 mile radius of my hometown.  

Here's Paul and Art singing a song about a Nikon camera and film.  Remember film?


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