Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Printmaking on our field trip to the Gadsden Art Center and Museum

Have you ever visited ? Well, this is a fabulous little museum that is hidden down here in the Panhandle. Please check out the website link above. We plan on writing several blog post about our field trips. We were fortunate enough to be able to take our 3rd, 5th and 8th grade levels to Gadsden to the museum. Our main intention was to visit and see the Norman Rockwell exhibition. Click here for details: 

Norman Rockwell in the 1960s

JANUARY 12–MAY 18, 2019
Link to Norman Rockwell in the 1960s
The Gadsden Arts Center & Museum is pleased to host Norman Rockwell in the 1960s, an exhibition of prints and tearsheets organized by the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, focusing on illustrations he created for magazines during that turbulent decade. In 1963, the artist ended his almost 5 decade-long association with The Saturday Evening Post and began to search for new artistic challenges. Rockwell left behind his beloved story-telling scenes popular in The Post and threw himself into the visual documentation of social issues and current events like school integration, the moon landing, and the murder of civil rights workers. Visit the Exhibition Page for more information and upcoming events associated with Norman Rockwell in the 1960s. 

Added bonus was that our students were able to participate in a hands-on studio lesson (Printmaking)
This group was very knowledgeable in sharing this experience with our students. You can see from the photos it was a success.
Who knew rocks would work as great burnishers.
Check out the set up and organization. This was key to our smooth lesson time.
We could choose from 4 different colors.
They drew out design with pencil first.
Some had a few references.
Work station!
Look at what we were all able to print, such a good idea!
Questions about Education Programs? 
Contact Education Director, Anissa Ford at 850-627-5023.
Gadsden Arts invites educators to engage students in curriculum topics through art. Each school tour is led by an experienced docent and explores the galleries, teaching students to examine art critically. Exhibitions change quarterly so we recommend reviewing the current exhibitions before scheduling a tour. 
If you would like to schedule a school tour, please review the following before contacting our Education Director at 850-627-5023. 

And you too can experience Printmaking at the museum. Check it out...

You all know we close with music, well...the more I looked around on YouTube the more movies I remembered that had cool museum scenes in them. Take a looksy-

Now, I am being for real....if you haven't visited this museum - go ahead and put it on your "things to do list" you will be glad you did!

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