Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Dollar Tree Diamond Engagement Ring (DIY Ornament for Anna and Rob)

You ask, how does something like this even get created... Well, you see Mary Frances and I were in the Dollar Tree over the Holiday Break. She picked up this ring and we were joking around about it. Typical mother-daughter shenanigans. I had an "AhHa" moment. I thought I bet I could make something cool for Rob and Anna. (Rob is 1965's son and he is engaged to Anna) Anna is sweet and a sorority sister of Mary Frances (Both Kappa Delta's)
 Here are a few pictures that I snagged off of Karen's Facebook page.
 I took them and downloaded. Printed into wallet size and then laminated.
 After lamination I cut them out and placed one with wire and beads on the outside of the ring and the others I placed the photos in the circle of the rings. Pretty cool, right? I thought this would be a great idea for a Christmas ornament.

Love the Georgia Bulldog Theme
You can print multiple photos out at one time.
Where I snagged the photos - Sistah's Facebook page.
These are awesome they are from the engagement photo shoot.

This is for you to see the size of the ring. It is about the size of my hand.
As an art teacher, we see things so differently. I thought I would post my DIY moment with you guys in case it inspires you to create something too for someone that is engaged or newly married.

As Karen and I are real sisters. We are also Chi Omega sisters. Back at UGA when someone would get engaged...the Mu Beta chapter would sing this song below...

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