Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Atlanta Kusama and Callie and Mama

The High Museum in Atlanta Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors exhibit was cool, but the process that led up to a fun day at the exhibit was not.

  Callie and I had tried to get in the LA at The Broad, but it did not work out.  We were in town for The Rose Bowl and the only day that we could go to the museum just happened to be the last day of the exhibit.  We were in line at 5:30 AM, but no tickets were available at the 10:00 AM opening.  From the looks of things, the museum goers had to spend the night in line to get a tickets.  Folks, I am a dedicated art fan, but I prefer my bed for sleeping.  If Picasso or Frida were at The Broad IN PERSON, I would have given up my bed, but I knew the exhibit was coming to Atlanta and figured we could catch Kusama on the flip side.  We did get to go in The Broad and were very glad to get a chance to check out this amazing museum.  

Oh My WORD!  To get the tickets in Atlanta was a true feat in itself.  First, Callie and I had to join the museum.  So, we paid a typical "not cheap" fee and joined the museum and prepared for the big day the tickets became available.  I did typing exercises so my fingers were by limber and ready to tap on my computer and let the magic happen in my cart.  As soon as the museum unlocked the magic tickets, we began texting each other and trying to get tickets for the same time on the same day.  It was exciting, but VERY annoying.  I could not buy but one ticket.  We ended up getting tickets on the same day, but an hour different entrance time.  Bummer.  I mean, who wants to do Kusama alone?  I wanted my daughter with me so we could DIVE into the DOTS together!  The future Instagram posts were endless with Kusama's dots.

Once we got the tickets, we realized how lucky we were to have the access to the show.  Unhappy High Museum long time members did not get tickets and they were blowing up social media expressing their dismay.  Honestly, I do not think The High was prepared for the Kusama ticket release day.  I am not sure that any museum would be ready for the exhibit that has such a following on social media.

Okay, I must admit before you look at the pictures, I expected the Infinity Rooms to be large rooms.  In all the pictures that I had seen online, I saw these big rooms.  Well, little did I know that the big rooms were little rooms with lots of mirrors.  Here is the deal.  You walk up to this small box-like thing that may be 15 x 15 feet.  You stand in line for a bit.  The door holder allows you to enter.  The door holder starts a timer.  You walk through the door to see the room.  You snap and snap pictures very quickly.  In exactly 30 seconds, the door opens and you must depart.  In one room, you cannot take your phones or cameras in the room because a clumsy Kusama fan took a phone in the room, dropped his phone, and broke one of Kusama's pumpkins.  If we had taken phones in, I can assure you that I would have dropped something on another pumpkin.   

Have a L👀k at our photos:

So, in the last room, you are given a sheet of paper with 5 dots.  You have to place the dots in the last room or you have to return the dots to the High Museum folks.  No keeping the dots!  Stick 'em up!

Here is a cool video that the High has been putting together of the development of the dot room. 

My thoughts?  Yeah, it was a lot of hype, but we both enjoyed the experience.  Would I recommend for you to go?  If you like Yayoi Kusama art, sure!  If you like to experience new and different things, sure!  If you are going with a bad attitude questioning the High and its policies, no, stay home.  Watch a Netflix movie and get to a happy place.  

My time with my daughter is always limited.  So, when we are together, it is a happy place, no matter the space.


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