Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, October 12, 2018

I Feel the NEED to WEAVE

Who made these growing up?  I know the 2 Soul Sisters made many.  I am convinced it was something to keep 1965 occupied and out of mischief.  

When the kids walked in and saw the potholder making supplies on the table, they said, "Why are we doing Grandma crafts?"  I cracked up.
Once we got the project underway, they really enjoyed it.  Most kids said it was very satisfying.

Well, I showed this instructional video.

As the kids progressed, I would stop and start the video.

The middle school did great, until the part where you start crocheting the sides together.  When they got to that part, I made them get a friend to hold down the yarn on the potholder loom's teeth as they connected the loops.  As long as the loops did not slip off the teeth before they were connected, all was great!  

If you need to weave, these potholder weaving looms would be great!

The project took 2 class periods.


Throwback weave craft!  Throwback weave song!


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