Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, September 28, 2018

Paper Mache Maracas - Painting as if there was no box at all....

 Below you will find other blogs about this lesson from years past. It is always fun to recycle a lesson that is successful. Why should we use mixed media? It helps kids think not only outside the box but as if their was no box at all. 

Thinking outside the box (also thinking out of the box or thinking beyond the box and, especially in Australia, thinking outside the square) is a metaphor that means to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective. This phrase often refers to novel or creative thinking.

To think inside the box. is to think in a traditional fashion, bound by old, nonfunctional, or limiting structures, rules, or practices. (As if thinking or creativity were confined or limited by a figurative box. Compare this with think outside the box.)

Where are you with your box? How creative can you get?
 This is a good place to figure out where you are in your own personal growth mindset of just where is that box for you:
Check it is well worth the read.
Plastic Cups any size
Plaster wrap
Old plastic beads or dried beans...maybe even pebbles
Assorted paints: Tempera, Acrylic, Puffy
Paint brushes
Water bowls
etc...your creative ideas
Articles to thinking outside the box and growing your creative options:
How to exercise your mind to foster and grow your creativity:
This lesson can be tied to any Hispanic Heritage Month lesson. It is a good bridge between art and Spanish in linking the curriculums together is a creative way.

 We have blogged about these here too:

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