Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tag The Art Game

Have you ever played this in your class? If not, give it a shot. Once our kids got the hang of it, the game was was blast. It challenges you to have to really think like an artist.

Other information about TAG:
Can be found on Tag is a collaborative art game where players take turns painting, drawing, and collaging while they create an original piece of abstract art. TAG is played with cards, dice, art supplies, and a color wheel. Plays are made by following a series of card prompts. The game ends when a "finished?" card is drawn and all players agree the artwork is done. TAG levels the playing field because it was designed for artists and non-artists alike. TAG's cards give enough instruction to get players over the hurtle of facing a blank piece of paper yet the rules are open ended enough to allow for creative expression. Easy to execute marks and a limited color palette create aesthetically pleasing results, so that all players, regardless of age or experience, will have a rewarding experience. TAG is fun for players of all ages and any number of people can play. It can be played alone, in small intimate groups, at parties, or at events as a community art project. For events we like to set up a canvas on an easel with big brushes and acrylic paints. Event and party goers are invited to contribute at their leisure and the finished piece can then be presented to the guest of honor! You are sure to come up with your own TAG applications. The game includes: 80 cards Color Wheel Dice Instructions 16 oil pastels 8 watercolor paints 7 sheets of assorted color cardstock paper 7 sheets of assorted color tissue paper 2 sheets of metallic paper 3 sheets of 11" x 15" watercolor paper scissors glue Paint brush 2 containers of glitter.

End of the year...bringing it all together....

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