Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Fish Swimming in the Air?

The 6th grade really enjoyed making these wind chimes.  The project took some time, but the final product was so fun and worth it!

The students had to design a fish🐟 wind chime with clay.
They had to consider where the connections were going to be made.
MOST of the students managed to rock this part of the project.
There were a few kids that really struggled with hole placement on the parts of the fish🐟 wind chime.

Once we got the clay fish🐟 dried and fired, the kids used acrylic paint to "pretty up" the fish🐟 chimes.

While the fish🐟 chimes dried, the kids wrapped yard around sticks.  Many kids said that the stick wrapping was the most fun part of the project.

Now, the kids had to put together the fish🐟.  They used wire and beads to string the fish🐟 wind chime together.  Also, a few hot glued feathers for a cool effect.

Honestly, they struggled 😧 with the wire and beads.  Most 6th graders have not used much wire.  So, the wire skills were lacking.  I am not sure the answer to this, but maybe better for older kids.  If I were doing this project again, I would research other ways to connect the fish.

💓these 🐟!

A good song from way back just came to mind to close out this post.  What?  Good ole R.E.M. singing "7 Chinese Brothers".  Why?  I guess because these lyrics talk about the ocean and the ocean has fish...

Seven Chinese brothers swallowing the ocean
Seven thousand years to sleep away the pain
She will return, she will return


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