Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Don't Stress...Distress (Before and After Photos)

Ok, so several of our post over the last few weeks have been about our Maclay Auction. I decided to take a little time and share with you my one day project over my spring break. Yes, we are in the middle of  "empty nest" syndrome but it is really all good. We are now making our house to fit the needs of our family as it is now. So, the room that this cabinet went into was a playroom turned into teen TV room now it is a guest bedroom.
I couldn't get rid of the piece of furniture because it was made by my husbands granddad, Pop.  I figure at this point the antique piece is over 100 years old and been in our family forever. I decided to distress it to use in the new guest bedroom upstairs. The room was a hodge podge of items just from life. Now it is a more put together room. Loving the results.
 You can see the steps below on how I did this. I spray painted it like 3 different colors of blue. Let that dry then added white spray paint over it all. Took a sander and buffed off until I could see the blue in certain spots. And Ohhh La La...

Gettin' my artsy fartsy on with a little Bodeans as I re-vamped a family heirloom....gotta love me some Bodeans!

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