Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Papa Is Still Here At Christmas And It Has Been Almost Been A Year

So, this happened at one of our family Christmas gatherings this year... 
Mary Frances had saved a voice mail from her Papa. It was a Happy Birthday voicemail but at the end it stated "Love Y'all All". MF has a kind soul and sweet spirit, she inherited the creative gift giving gene. As she was 8 hours away at college, missing family I think she found comfort in doing for others. This project was like Art Therapy for her. She researched what she could do with this voice mail. Low and behold she ran across a site on Etsy that takes voicemails and makes them into art. Guess what - this turned into a very special Christmas gift for all involved. Tears and laughter as we shared about fun times at Christmases Past with Papa. My all time favorite was when he took all the trash out to burn and had accidentally had picked up some glass Christmas ornaments. Yep, we didn't find them until that Spring - I think it was Easter. They were intact but a little charred. 

We had 3 framed and 2 bracelets made. I know Papa is smiling down on this idea as he was a lover of art in  his own way especially when it came to me! I can only pray that our daughter, Mary Frances finds a family one day that will embrace her Baptist-Gypsy-Hippy nature and love it to the moon and back just like Papa loved me. Lord, knows that man put up with me for a very long time. I do believe God put me in his path for a reason and I sure am glad he did.

We miss you Papa - see post from last January

Papa, you old geezer, these songs are for you! Yes, I remember those July days of getting in your truck or on the Sail Boat in St Simons and you having Christmas music playing...Miss you! So, glad you are still hanging around on our walls, wrist and in our hearts.

Merry Christmas!

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