Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Saturday, November 25, 2017

TIm Campbell Helps Us Celebrate Why America is Free

For the past several years, the fourth grade students have participated in a program called "Why America is Free."  What is this program?  The curriculum is a hands-on learning experience for educators and their students.  The program covers the extraordinary events, times and heroes of the American Revolution as well as the principles and values upon which the country was founded.  At The Westfield School, the teachers include the program across all disciplines for six weeks.  For the grand finale, the students dress in clothing of the period and participate in a day of colonial life.  The girls were taught how to sew.  The boys participated in a "how to march" lesson by local ROTC.  A violinist visited and shared with students. Parents were invited to join in viewing kids sing and dance.  Also, there was art on display.  This is where the blog comes to life!  (Click HERE for Why America is Free Information.)

A few years ago, we were doing the program and I ran across an artist named Tim Campbell. Tim is from New Hampshire. (CLICK HERE for Tim Campbell website)  Tim's art worked perfect for the colonial time period study.  For the previous post, click HERE.  The students really liked Tim's work.  Tim makes the colonial time period "pop" with his fun work of characters from this period.  After Tim viewed the post, he was so excited he sent my kids tons of art goodies!  It has been 2 years and the kids still talk about a "real" artist sending them prizes.  I have never had an artist make a connection with art students in this manner.  When the students were recognized with such love, they had a greater appreciation for the artist and art.

Here are the two pieces of Tim's artwork that the students were shown before they began their self-portraits. 


The kids viewed some of Tim's work.  We talked about Tim's work.
The kids took 2 weeks to get their portraits drawn.
Once the drawings were complete, they outlined in sharpie.
They used tempera to paint their faces.
They used colored pencils for their eyes and mouth.
I mixed acrylic paint for the background.
The project took 4 weeks.  Yes, it was an endurance test.
The results were amazing!


Here is Tim and his dog, Otis.  Heehee.

In honor of Tim and Otis, here is a song about a dog named Boo. 


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