Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Snowmen With Hats and Personality

Hats! 👮👲👳👷👸🎅💂 For this art lesson, the 4th grade focused on hats.  I left the project wide open for the kids.  Many chose the tradition snowman hats, but a few stepped out and made winter beanies.

The kids traced 3 circles and cut them out.
They glued the circles down on the paper.
They cut a snow pile and glued it down.
They cut hats and accessories for the snowman.
Some used crayons and sharpies to decorate.
They used white crayons to fill in  the background.

I think these snowmen have personality.
Fancy Pants Snowman
Bubbly Snowman
Let's Play some Ball, Snowman
Give Me a Hug Snowman
The Daydreaming Snowman
Breezy Day Snowman
The Skinny Arms But I Can Still Raise My Hat Snowman
Styling Snowman
Hats of to You Snowman
Well, Hello There Snowman
Let's Go Snowman
The Weather Channel Predicted Strong Winds Snowman
And my Favorite, the Juggling Snowman

Hats always remind me of Papa and the hat he always laid down to make a home.
I absolutely love❤❤❤ this groovy video.


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