Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Smitten With Mittens!

I snagged this idea from Pinterest.  Unfortunately, I have no idea from who or where.  To the great unknown mitten creator, thanks for sharing this fun art idea. My kids loved it!  

Kids trace a mitten on a sheet of paper.
Kids colored with oil pastel.
Kids outlined the mittens.

Easy as pie, and fun, fun, fun!

Here is crazy, fun Mick singing about a gal that was cold.  Maybe she needed mittens?  Bahahahahahaha.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Blue Dog Days Of Summer

 Blue Dog Days Of Summer...yep, it is that time of year! We are getting ready to go back to school and plan out our units for the school year. Click the link below to find out about George Rodrigue
Other post in our blog on Blue Dog
 Born and raised in Cajun Country, Louisiana, U.S.A., artist George Rodrigue portrayed on his canvas what he feared was his dying heritage—-including its land, people, traditions, and mythology.  As he often explained, he sought to “graphically interpret the Cajun culture,” preserving it in the face of a progressive world.
Rodrigue’s art studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles spawned one of the greatest success stories in American art.  In the early 1990s his Blue Dog Series, based on the French-Cajun loup-garou legend, catapulted him to worldwide fame, while his dark Renaissance-like landscapes developed into robust modern masterpieces.

As a passionate philanthropist, Rodrigue founded the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts, advocating the importance of the arts in education.  Programs include art supplies for schools, scholarships, and arts integration through Louisiana A+ Schools.

Learn more about George Rodrigue on Wendy’s blog and the book The Other Side of the Painting (2013, UL Press). For information on events and available artwork visit

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Christmas Ornaments in July!

During the month of December, the kids are wild!  I decided to let the fifth graders freestyle on this ornament project.  I think they are pretty cute Christmas ornaments.
I cut triangles of cardboard on the paper cutter.  Easy Peasy!
The kids picked out yard and wrapped the yarn around the cardboard.
Then, they used hot glue (low setting) to glue on pom poms and a string for hanging.
Cute and fun for those hectic Christmas elves!
Here is a little Jason Mraz acoustic for ya!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Cityscapes and Working 9 to 5

Here is the 4th Grade Grandparents' Day art project.  What is a Grandparents' Day? (Previous Grandparents'Day Posts)  Grandparents' Day is the first Friday in March at our school.  We have big to-do at Westfield.  Each class prepares a song and dance for their grandparents, parents, and friends.  To help out the classroom teacher, I always try to get the kids to do artwork to go along with their song.  Remember the movie 9-5 🎬 with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton?  Well, the fourth grade class did their dance to that song.  Did you know it was a Grammy winner?  Well, it was Best Country Song in 1982 🎶.
Now, on the the art.  I had the kids make a cityscape and decorate.  
Prep work:
I had to get pictures of the kids.
I had to cut out the pictures of the kids.
I cut strips of paper for the buildings.
The kids?
Well, they glued strips of pre-cut paper on the blue paper.
They painted designs.
They glued their pictures on the art.

Have a look! 👀

Summer is almost over, teachers!  We will soon be back working 7-4, not 9-5.  Here you go!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Elements of Art - Cube Review

Thought this was a great way to review the Elements of Art with my students at the end of the year! 
Here is a great blog that post on this lesson:

I am getting motivated for the fall but not gonna lie I do have some of the summer time blues - 1969