Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, June 5, 2017

Kanak Nanda - Zentangled Fruit (Sub Lesson)

This is a super cool easy Sub Lesson. I shared the examples of the artist Kanak Nanda in class on references photos for the kids to use. They discussed fruits. Students got to choose which medium to use. They were instructed to draw a piece of fruit add color with their choice of medium, but the catch is it has to have a piece cut out of it for a zentangle to be created. This inspiration came from Kanak Nanda! Check out her information below.
Have you ever heard of Kanak Nanda? If not here are a few resources for her art:
Twitter: @kanaknanda

Kanak Nanda

Artist | Graphic designer | Traveler | Food addict | Fashion | Freelance | India
The 2 photos below are from a project that Nanda commissioned for 
 Love the details of the patterns!
 Way cool the ways her art work pops on the walls.
Below are pieces of art that my kiddos did with a sub. I think they turned our pretty swell.

This inspiration came from Diane Pagan at The Imagination Box. Another post can be found on her at

Here is a great idea on how to get started with a project like this. Thanks, Salma Siblini on YouTube for this great video. 

Happy Summer, Y'all! 1969