Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, May 18, 2017

You Have Been Rocked (#TallahasseeRocks)

Have you heard about Tallahassee Rocks? It is all the new craze down here in Tallahassee. This blog post will help you get an idea about how you too can participate!
Below are a few links that will give you some insight on just how our community is connecting through ROCKS...

Where can you buy the rocks? Home Depot in the gardening section.

They come in tan and black.
You must wash them off before using.
If you want something to do with kids at the beach or on vacation, this small container is ideal and will travel well with you and your family.
Here is our first batch that we created. How did we do it? See our art guidelines below.
We decided we needed to paint some with spray paint. We just rounded up some colors between the 4 art teachers on campus and painted a few in each color.
Let them dry and brought them inside.
Example of the spray paint we had.
Paint pens are a must.
How my table had looked for a week. Pretty much rock central.
Palates or paper plates can be used for painting and mixing colors.
Just a sampling of our spray painted rocks outside.
Wanted to give you all as many visuals as I could.
The process begins.
A little Harry Potter...
Each rock has it's own personality!
How did I photograph? I put rock on construction paper and placed them in Pic Stich to make a collage.
My 6th grade took about 20 minutes yesterday and we ROCKED our Maclay PreK!
*Tie dye dish cloth was made in AP Chemistry...after AP exam by my daughter. I thought it made a pretty cool back drop. Can I just tell you her AP Chem teacher "ROCKS"!  (no pun intended)
Here is another view of the rocks that were placed in PreK.
Paint pens work great on black rocks.
Student Aid made this is her last day of 12th grade and off to Rhodes she goes. Yes, I plan to make sure we take some rocks to Memphis this summer.
Simple but Sweet!
Student Aid again, yep, she is my daughter. I think we are going to try to get her Rhodes Coach and volleyball team involved in hiding some of these in Memphis. =) My motto this year as I embark on Empty Nest is #rootsandwings. I loved that she wanted to paint a few rocks with me!
Here is one of her classmates since 4th grade. She is getting in on the Rock fun. She had just turned in her AP Art Portfolio....
We hid this rock at the foot of our sculpture. For details on it. Click link below:
Best Art Teacher hack of this year. Dog bowl from Dollar Tree. Cut a sponge and place it in one side. Add a little water to sponge. Fill other side up with water. This will help you change paint colors. I have taught art since 1991. If I had been doing this my whole career, well...many trees would have been saved from the amount of paper towels we use in a day. Try it. We love it.
The photos below are of when we ROCKED PREK.
I wish I could send you all the photos that were on social media of the kids that had found them yesterday on campus. Those PreK kids were super excited.
Are you inspired yet?
This one was hidden at PreK pick up and drop off.
Cool way to pass along some Character Education words.
The glitter spray paint was fun to work with.
Yes, some of our Maclay teachers are getting in on the fun. This is Ms. Snow. She is painting a really cool owl. Just so happens we both love owls just like 1965 does. Why? We are all Chi Omegas. Hooty Whooooo
The process.
Thanks for stopping by...1969

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