Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, January 23, 2017

Contour Candy

Inevitably throughout the school year, we have candy in our art rooms. This was a wonderful lesson that Cassie Stephens shared. I used this as a one day lesson on a school day with a wonky class schedule. It worked out fabulous. The kids enjoyed it and all were successful.

This kiddo mastered the candy contour and moved on to people. Again, pushing the limits in the art room and working at your personal best pace.
Look at that shading!
Practice makes perfect.
Have you checked out YouTube for quick reference videos? if not, do so. It has a ton of resources for most any lesson

Thanks, Cassie Stephens for a a great tutorial for the kids to watch. Easy to follow.

So, come on and get your contour on....1969


  1. What grade is this? They are super.
    Also, how did you introduce the lesson, and how did you demonstrate it?
    Thanks, Andi

    1. I bought some Halloween Candy. I used Cassie Stephens video and shared it with the class. I believe these are 6th grade. Once the video was complete we discussed it and I did a class demo. The kid took off with it. Yes, they were allowed to eat the candy when they finished. It was a fun lesson with lots of learning and terminology. Thanks for dropping by! Have a good day!