Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, August 15, 2016

Circles and Dots with Second Grade

Circles and Dots with 2nd Grade was the first project of the year.  I gave a little refresher talk about  "how the art room works" and the kids started this easy project.  The circles and dots  project took about 30 minutes.

Over the summer, I saved tons of circles shapes from laundry detergent, spices, water tops, and even pizza cardboard.  A great idea that I picked up from some of you folks that was so helpful on the first art class of the school year.


The kids traced circles on colored construction paper of their choice.
The kids cut out circles.
The kids glued circles on paper.
The kids used sharpie markers to make circles on their art.

Here is "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" by Johnny Cash & Family.


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