Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, August 29, 2016

Bucket List and 73rd Birthdays...

Meet my dad. We call him Bobo. He is with my good friend Lea. Lea had always wanted to throw on the wheel. She got to check that off of her bucket list this weekend.
We had a comedy of errors occur this past weekend. You see we were going to visit my mom for her 73rd birthday. And we had some what of a plot twist...
Lea and Madison joined us in Perry, GA for a weekend of family fun. Well, we had to plan an impromptu meeting at the Lake House for all.
You see #2 (Madison is Lea's daughter but we claim her in our immediate and extended family) had cooties from dorm life and can't seem to shake her "sickness". Lea needed to lay eyes on her daughter who we refer to as #2. 1969's daughter was thrilled that they would all be under one roof for part of the weekend.
Bottom line, small towns rock. We hooked #2 up with local Doctor. Called in sister and sister-in-law. Got meds. All seems to be right with the worlds now...With a couple of phone calls and a few logistical details that we worked out Madison is now on the mend.
One thing I can say about Bobo is he just goes with the flow. It didn't phase him that we had totally changed our plans in a matter of an hour from departing from Tallahassee.
Many of you know my mom has Alzheimer's Disease. This disease is heartbreaking. I just told someone that I felt like I was living in the movie The Notebook. You just never know from time to time how things will be when you see her. Again, my dad has just adapted to the situation and is making the best of it.
These 2 are best friends. You see one is in college freshman and one is a high school senior. The one on the right is 1969's daughter. The one on the left who we refer to as #2 (Madison)  Madison is the one with cooties but she is on the mend now. Both of them were like a dose of medicine for my mom this weekend and I know that my dad really enjoys them being out at the lake.
We were able to enjoy the sunset, fishing, movie time, chit chat, and unconditional love for all involved. It was a great weekend.
Happy Birthday, Mama. We sure do love you.Thanks for raising me to be a confident person and for showing me how to do the same for my daughter. You have the most kind heart of anyone I know. I miss your cooking but I sure am glad Mary Frances has inherited that love of cooking from you and MaWini.

I am blessed as you always encouraged us to be creative. You taught us to Dream Big. To not sweat the small stuff. If folks were talking about us then we knew they were on a good subject. You taught us prayer was important.

I could blog today about an art project, but I had my mama on my mind and just wanted to share how proud that I am to be her daughter. I love you "GA" - 1969

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