Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Leaning and Dabbin on a Jasper Johns Project!

First Grade loved this messy Jasper Johns project.  They especially loved when I said the word "dab".

Okay, so this project happened because I overpoured paint.  I had a whopping amount of red and yellow acrylic paint left over from a middle school project.  After the class left, I just sat and stared at the paint.  Then, boom, the idea came to me! 

To get the project started, I talked a little about Jasper Johns to the students.  Jasper Johns was born in Augusta, Georgia.  Kids from Georgia like hearing about artists born in Georgia.

Then, I told the kids to draw a square with a pencil around the edges of the paper to make a border. (This was fun with first graders)
Next, the kids used the red and yellow paint.  I encouraged them to move it on the paper, but stay within the pencil border.  The kids loved mixing paint and seeing orange popping out.  Once they had the square covered, we placed the art on the drying rack until the following week.

For the class period #2, the students placed stencils down on the dried red, orange, and yellow acrylic, painted paper.  They were given the colors green, blue, and hot pink.  They dabbed their sponge in the paint, and then dabbed the sponge on the stencil. 

Once they were done dabbing the green, blue, and hot pink paint, they pulled the stencil off their acrylic painting from last week.

Final results below!

For the art teacher, a DAB is to press against something lightly.  As I explained how to dab the paint on the stencil, the kids would start giggling and singing Lean and Dabb by iLoveMemphis.  I found this very humorous.  Here is the dance with Heaven King keeping it clean.  Yes, we did Lean and Dab, once the project was done.


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