Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Peace IN?

I know that the saying is "Peace Out", but the this year's theme of children's church camp (3rd-5th Grade) was "Peace In".  I do believe this was my favorite theme ever.  I like the idea of Peace In.  I told the kids at camp, I just love peace.  I love to draw the peace sign.  I love to wave by using a peace sign.  I love peace sign stickers on my car and computer.  I also told the kids that sometimes, I am showing the world that I have peace on the outside, but on many occasions the inward peace sometimes takes a mini or even an extended vacation. 

Now, back to the Art!
We adapted the "hand project" that has been done over and over on Pinterest. 

Get a reliable person to trace the hand doing a "Peace Sign". The best way to trace the hand is by lying the backside of your hand down with your palm up.  Use a pencil.

Draw lines with a pencil using a ruler.  Explain that the ruler has a straight edge and to try to keep the lines straight.  Tell them that it is imperative that the line goes straight across the paper.

When kids get to the hand, they need to curve and then connect to the other side.  With some kids, I actually got them started.  It prevented major boo-boos that make my blood pressure to rise to unsafe levels.

Once we had the drawing in pencil, the kids went over all the lines with a sharpie.

Then, we used watercolor pencils to finish the "peace".  Haha. 

Here is a tidbit of interesting information.  I went to a O.A.R. concert with the children's minister last August.  When the song below played, she told me the theme.  It was fun.  I like fun.  I like peace.
Here we are doing concert fun. 

Here is O.A.R. singing "Peace".  It is a sweet song.  O.A.R. knows how to do a concert.  I do believe they are actually on tour this summer. #summer2016


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