Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, May 9, 2016

Maclay PK... I gotta HAND it to you MOMS are going to LoVe these!

One of my favorite times of year...Mother's Day tiles made by PK! Maclay PK just gets it and I love that they are making pieces of art for Moms to cherish from here on out. Yes, I still have mine from when I was little...check out this link to see mine

In fact mine are hanging in the laundry room next to my daughters. This is a win / win lesson. You purchase glazed ceramic tiles. Use Overglaze to paint on the tile. These only require 1 firing. You can stack the kiln pretty tight (Thanks, Melanie and Stacey) Fire at 06 on Fast. It will take  2x as long to cool because of how the heat will be held due to stacking of so many in the kiln at one time. No need for stilts in the kiln. I do like to have kiln wash on the shelves for all firings.

Best purchase ever is the Brent Wares Cart for anything relating to the kiln room! See link below

YJCMTSU translates into "You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up" I send this type of text  frequently as we have odd things happen to us as art teachers. Well, last year...we got the new cart. 3 art teachers put it together. Apparently,  we didn't get the wheels on correctly because as Cathy was taking it to LS Art Class she had a flat (insert loud laughter here) It is all good, she had extra kids helping her transport it. Yes, the tire came completely OFF the cart. Please just get a visual. Every time I think about this I just crack up laughing! It is all your mindset and how you handle Murphy's Law...Cathy just had a Plot Twist of events on the way to her room but got it figured out.

So back to my post on the precious hand prints...SHOUT OUT to Maclay PK...I know all the moms loved their gift. And, a happy belated Mother's Day to all you Artsy Mom's out there that visit our blog!


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