Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, May 30, 2016

I CAN Go For That, Sweet Lunchroom Lady!

The ladies in our lunchroom are just the best.  They are always thinking about art teachers with extra chicken tenders, the biggest potato, and yes, CANS! 
Here's a look at what happened...
Get a large can.
We used big tubs of the Crayola Air Dry Clay to form features for the can.
We put the air dry clay on the front of the can.
After the clay dried, some of the features fell off the can.  Easy fix, pop the features with a glue gun and move along to the hair.
Once the clay was in place, we used plaster wrap to form the hair on the sides/backside of the can.
Once the plaster wrap was dry, we spray painted the entire can with silver paint. 

After the cans were painted silver, we began to use acrylic to paint the details we had added to the can.
Here is the only other pic that I have of the can project.  Sorry, the kids grabbed them and ran out the door to fill their cans with their "stuff".

Here is a random combo with Cee Lo Green and Daryll Hall singing  "I Can't Go For That".


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