Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Digital You - The Art of Education

I ran across this lesson The Art Of  Education
This is a hot topic all over in schools due to our society being all over social media at any given time.
This is such an important topic to discuss, and I like to use art class (and the rise of digital literacy) to explain our responsibilities as teachers. In my art room, I see a lot of instances where I can bring awareness to cyber-bullying and use the character education topics to cover in a non threatening collaborative way. It's a very reactive process. By being proactive with how communicate digital citizenship with our students, we can make a difference with how students think about respect and responsibility online!

The below was taken from The Art of Education:
How Can I Teach Digital Citizenship in the Art Room?
Digital citizenship can and should be taught at every grade level. Common Sense Media is a great resource that provides a K-12 digital citizenship curriculum. You can also start by creating art lessons that theme around this topic. In my art room, we do a project called “The Digital You.” Using Comic Life students create their own comic or poster advocating the practice of digital citizenship. We discuss some very basic visual design elements, but at the same time hit on a very heavy topic. Remember, even if you aren’t integrating technology in your classroom this is still a topic that should be shared in your art room. Use “The Digital You” handout below to start creating responsible digital citizens today!
This lesson was a very positive way to engage students on how to have good character on and off line. Great Lesson, Art of Ed and !

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