Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, February 1, 2016

Blake and Maclay's Pep Band Logo

We have this artist named Blake....she is amazing high school freshman and can figure out how to do most things in art. She fell in love with the watercolor technique that we saw on Instagram called Weekdaybest. Click below to see her link (Shaunna Russell)
Have you seen this artist? If not, look her up. Really cool stuff. You will be glad you did. She is also on Facebook 

We have a school trending hashtag of #TRUEBLUEMACLAY...You can imagine just how our right brains got to thinking. We used the inspiration of Shaunna's creativity and our Maclay School mascot to create an original painting that were then made in to Tshirts for the new Maclay Pep Band. So exciting!

Huge shout out to Shaunna for inspiring students at Maclay. You rock. We contacted 
Here in Tallahassee and they helped us modify Blake's art for our Pep Band Tshirts.

Please check out the links you will be so glad you did!
Hope this post finds you wanting to create with watercolor and motivates you to get those paint brushes out!


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