Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, February 4, 2016

41 Hearts for Mo Willems

Kids love Mo Willems.  When, I began to "pitch" the art project, the kids almost cheered about Mo's Pigeon. 

Here's my pitch-
I told the kids that The Pigeon was wanting to celebrate Valentine's Day.  I told them that I would like them to have a speech bubble or a think bubble on their picture for The Pigeon.  Also, I told them they had to have some LOVE in the air.


I showed this extra cool video of how to draw The Pigeon by Mo himself (turn up the volume, kind of hard to hear) Mo Willems cool drawing The Pigeon video
First, they drew with a pencil.
Then, they sharpied.
The kids painted The Pigeon.
Finally, the kids came back in and added a little oil pastel to their art.

Below is The Pigeon with 41 hearts.  41?  I have no idea.

Lainey is obsessed with the Eiffel Tower.  Loved how creative she was!

The Valentine sun is looking pretty bright.

Trentan marches to the beat of a different drum.  No explanation needed.  Just love it.

Check out the volcano below.  2nd Grade must be studying volcanos.  Red volcano #1

Valentine Tree #1, coming up.

 Pink Volcano #2 below.

I am truly LOL on this one.  The Pigeon is dreaming of a truck.  I bet The Pigeon really would dream of a truck and not beautiful roses or chocolate.

Valentine Tree #2 is below.

Another Valentine Tree?  Hmmm.  Wonder if these folks sat at the same table?  Maybe they have all had visions of Valentine's trees dancing in their heads?

Black Volcano #3 spewing hearts below!

Hey, we even got a Modigliani Pigeon!  Nice long neck!

In the south, we do have a tendency to pronounce sugar, "shuger".  Just part of our upbringing, Shuger.

Here is a pretty cool Milk & Sugar  re-make of Love Is In The Air by John Paul Young.


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