Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, October 9, 2015

Making Puns on Martin Parr

For this project, the kids were told to "change up" Martin Parr's photographs with a drawing.  This was a 6th grade project.  We did a trial run with random photographs that they chose online.  Then, I provided them with numerous copies of Martin Parr's photographs to do their projects.
Who is Martin Parr?
After we looked at Parr's work, I tried to talk about his style.  I encouraged them to find their style.  For the most part, the kids got the project.  My deep thinkers accepted the challenge and got really creative.

Bell Bottoms

Monster Creeping

Lady carrying kite and gun on the beach

Fish swimming

Cartoon character

Kiss the Cook


Snake on pole

Playing the drums in the car

Questionable person with lady

Person on the beach reading "How to Release Man-Eating Monsters onto a Beach" and monsters being released on the beach.

Monsters creeping on people in a restaurant

Flying monster

Hungry ice cream eating monster

Changing up the bird head
 Here's a British musician, Ringo Starr, singing "Photograph" to end this post on a British photographer, Martin Parr.


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