Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Art Teachers, What do you do with all of those Christmas Ornaments you get? Here is what I started doing back in 1991 =)

Art Teachers, What do you do with all of those Christmas Ornaments you get? Here is what I started doing back in 1991 =) So, when you have a few years of teaching under your start to accumulate many Christmas Ornaments. Now, we have a pretty big Christmas Tree is a Cochran Tradition. (Am I right, 1965???) 

For real, here are just a few TREE experiences we have had...
  • Bobo, cut one down one year with our future husbands. It was too big, he brought it in an put it up in our sunken living room in Reynolds, GA. He managed to poke a hole in the ceiling. "GA" pronounced GAHHH named by the grandkids (our mom) was was none to happy. We had to get it repaired quickly after the holiday as 1965 was having her wedding reception out our abode in Reynolds! Good memories
  • One year, the future husband - Dan, was over and we had just bought a tree in Atlanta. It was rather large. Obviously it was so large that it would not stand on it owns...we had to tie it through the windows to shrubbery. I know our neighbors (Bells, Byrds and Moores) just shook their head at our shenanigans. It was like living with a Real Life CHEVY CHASE!
  • Mama Marion, Bobo's mom, our grandmother loved her some Christmas. She would put a tree up. Nail a board to the bottom of it. Nail it to her wooden floor...yes, she did! She would leave it up until EASTER! Those of you that are reading this and knew Mama Marion...this does not surprise yall does it?
  • Now, we have ALL had a tree fall over once or twice. Every immediate family member I have experienced this. Has it ever happened to you? I could go on and on with stories of trees...

But, nonetheless my isn't big enough for all of those special ornaments that your receive from your kiddos at school. What did I do? I got creative. My friend, Meredith, had dog issues. It was kind of a joke, but at Christmas she had to put her wreaths on the inside of her doors due to her Labradors trying to eat them. No joke. This issue is now fixed as they are not allowed on the porch anymore with the electrical fence. I got to thinking...well, I love all of these ornaments. I think I will buy a few extra wreaths and decorate them and then I can enjoy them on the inside of my house with all of those super cool kids gifts on them. Makes sense, eh? Y'all won't believe the comments that we get when friends come over to visit during the holidays. It just required a little creativity and thinking outside the box. 

Merry Merry...1969

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