Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, September 14, 2015

30 Foot Art Project (Mimi is the bomb at SEWING)

This is a post that made me do some soul searching. Here is how it all got started. Coach sees a training tool online posted by a former FSU volleyball teammate. It is a 30 foot net art project. She screen shots it and send it in a text and ask can we make one. As an art teacher, we get that allot...y'all feel me? Am I right? I am thinking...duh..anything is do-able. We just have to figure it out.  (Apparently, I say that allot) So we got our feelers out with a mass volleyball email and we had a taker. Carla stepped up to the challenge. Then the ball gets rolling. I didn't know Carla had a secret weapon...Alicia! (Better known to her family as Mimi)
Alicia is the blessed soul who can sew. This is a lost art. I am so impressed that they were willing to take on this project. I have to admit when Carla was sending me the photos of this project I was happy and sad. You see, I grew up with a family that could sew anything. My MaWini (mom's mom) was unbelievable. She could sew anything from costumes, clothes to baby doll accessories.  MaWini is not here with us anymore. She passed back in 1987. I didn't inherit her sewing talent but I did get her sweet tooth and the love of being in the kitchen and appreciating all things homemade and homegrown. Below is the post that started this whole collaborative process between sports, art and generations.
When I started receiving the photos on the process, I knew I was going to blog about this. How could I not? It just had blog post written all over it! 
The fabric was purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics. CL even had a coupon that made all the fabric be 60% off. know how excited we were to hear that tidbit =) So, what we knew. The net was 30 feet and it had 9 colors on it. Then the math began....Fabric had to be solid with no patterns.

Above is Alicia hard at work for her granddaughter...we are so thankful that you were willing to spend most of Labor Day working on this for our volleyball team! This is where it got me. If my MaWini was alive she would have been doing the exact same thing because that is what Grannies do! Then I had a flood of memories come back to me about growing up. They were all good memories - well, except on those days that I was extra "sassy" I would have to pick out my switch to get a few swats on my legs. Ha! Funny now, no it was not abuse. It is just how things were growing up in Taylor County, GA. If you are reading this and you are from Butler, GA (pronounced Butlahhh) as previously blogged about here
then you know what I am talking about =)
This is towards the end of the weekend project and they were ironing. Just pause and think about ironing something that was 30 feet long. This another chore that I am not fond of at all. I think in college I ironed 2 things and one of them was an art project for a final grade. Bahahahahahaha!!!! Back in the day, my mom would even iron our jeans and sheets. I guess she was more of the June Cleaver era. Not me, I think wrinkles add character.
The photo above says it all...I saw that and instantly saw the word LOVE. 
Yes, I LOVE that Alicia had a talent that she shared with us. 
I LOVE that the finished product will be used by many athletes.
I LOVE that this was a family memory.
I LOVE that I am getting to share with you.
Yep, If I were to #hashtag that photo #LOVE sums it up in my book!
The slow process begins..
It kinda looks like Eric Carles Very Hungry Caterpillar...
Looking good there and making progress
The training tool at practice last Friday.
The players love it and are so thankful!
It is most impressive when you see it in person.
Still sewing....
Finished product. What did I learn from this? Cherish your memories. Write things down. Share with your children. Share things that you want passed down from generation to generation. As I type this, it is hard because we are dealing with my mom's illness. She has Alzheimer's Disease. There I said it. We have never blogged about it. She was an incredible seamstress for us growing up. There are times now that I just want to ask about a quick recipe and she can't remember. I had something that needed to be fixed with sewing machine for 1969's daughter and mom is unable to repair it for us. Pay attention. Make time. Stop and smell the roses. Be thankful. I am grateful to my parents for everything they have done for us. This project taught me to be thankful to all of the Grandparents out there. You are loved and we sure do appreciate you helping mold us into the people that we grow up to be. 

Feeling Blessed! 1969

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