Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Liquid Watercolor and Bubbles

It is the end of the year. I am trying my best to get my room cleaned up. You know it is one of those days at the end of the year that you have 3 options for kids in class, Art Games, Study Hall or Drawing. I have placed all painting supplies in the appropriate place for the summer. Low and behold, I am busy with paper work and I realize that 99% of my students are on task with options 1 - 3.  I start to watch this one 8th grade girl. She is just doing her own thing and mixing up concoctions of Sax Liquid Watercolor and Bubbles. Now, remember that was not one of my options for class. So, I am thinking, she has her art groove on...I am going to just let her be and see what she creates.
So glad that I let her create. Some of these pieces were stunning and way super fun for her to create!
You see, I am all about the teachable moment. I could have made her clean up it right then on the spot, but I wanted to watch her creative juices as they unfolded and I am so glad I did.
Some of the bubbles made no sense. Some were perfect with marbled textures in them.
This would be a great lesson to teach with anyone.

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