Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Roy Lichtenstein Installation #6thgrade/8thgrade

Directions for 5th grade:
Give background on Roy Lichtenstein.
Kids cut out red, blue, and yellow zigzag shapes out of construction paper.
(told them to draw an oval and cut chunks out of the oval)

Kids can use die cut machine, cut letters "freestyle"(love this) with regular scissors, or with zig zag wavy-edge scissors.

Kids glue the shapes and letters down on their paper.
Kids outline the shapes and letters, if they would like.

Kids dot with a Q-tip.

3 class period or 3 week project




Directions for 8th grade:
Give background on Roy Lichtenstein.
Show kids some examples of Lichtenstein's work.
Kids choose a piece of work do (putting their own spin on the work is encouraged)

 Lichtenstein Installation process:

Installation inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's rain
Got 2nd grade students to do small "Pow" type signs (huge advantage teaching 1st-8th-love the different levels of work displayed together)
Got 1 inch painter's tape and put stripes across the door (took about an hour-looks time consuming, but not too bad)
Hung the 5th and 8th grade art

Just showing off Westfield School ArT during Youth Art Month

Thanks for being such a great sport, Kyle Childers!  I love this 5th grade kid.  He is a super neat kid with tons of talent!

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