Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ceramic Fish Wind Chimes

4th Grade Ceramic Fish Wind Chime Project
Kids roll out clay.
Kids cut out fish.
Kids slip and score eyeball.
Kids put random designs in the fish, if desired.
Kids put their initials on the fish.
Kids cut the fish into parts.
Kids put holes in each part of fish with a skewer.
Fish dry for a few days.
Teacher fires the fish.  (just stack each student's fish on top of itself-makes it easier to keep each child's fish parts together)
Teacher unloads kiln and puts each child's fish parts on a plate.
Kids glaze the parts.  (we did front only)
Teacher checks all fish parts to make sure the glaze has not covered up the holes on the fish.  Also wipe excess glaze off the back of the fish.
Teacher fires again. (just keep space between each fish-I actually laid each fish out in the kiln)
Teacher puts wire through the fish head.
Kids tie fishing line (kind of ironic) to the parts, bead, and string the fish together.
Teacher should help tie off the tail to make certain it is good and tight.
Project takes 3 class periods. 
Note:  If by chance the glaze covers up the hole, get a hand drill and gently drill the hole.  Let the drill do the job.  Do not force. 




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