Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, May 7, 2010

Don't STRESS..."DE"-STRESS - you some furniture!!!! (Distressed furniture at the good ole' fire pit)

Wow, lots of photos...Yep, the first one was a chair that I did for Left Brain (husband - click here to learn about why we call him Left Brain! (Bahahahahaha) We love Kenny Chesney and that song - Old Blue Chair! So, I had a new chair and I wanted it to look old and I FUNKIED it up a bit to fit our our way super cool fun fire pit!!!! It was part of an anniversary gift for him a couple of years ago - I had a theme going in the gifts.

Do you know how to distress furniture? There is tons of information on the web about this. I found a video about it - click here. I normally sand down the piece of furniture. Clean it off with water house. Spray it with white or gray primer. Then I just layers several colors on top of one another. I normally wait about 24 hours before I start to sand it down and distress it. My last step is to cover with a clear polyurethane. I use the satin kind - not glossy. There ya have it folks an easy way to DE-Stress and have some art therapy!!!

Below I have added a few links for other ideas on this technique:

Happy Friday! x0x0x, Kim - 1969

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