Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, April 9, 2010

This post is dedicated to the Left Brains of the world that put up with us Right Brain Artist! (and a FUNKY pantry door)

Do you have a Left Brain in your family? Well I do. We have dated since I was 14...side story - Mrs. Cooley at Westfield School in Perry, GA told me I needed a tutor for my Geometry Class. I had like a 70 average and Left Brain had like 100+ the year before, so she suggested that I get Mr. Left Brain to tutor me! Well, I did and it was the best thing ever. You see we had some hunting land in GA and Mr. Left Brain LOVES to hunt! So, he would come over to Reynolds, GA to tutor me and then end up going hunting with my was win / win for all involved! (So, our daughter loves to hunt and fish too!) Any who...we have been together for many years now! I just turned the big 40 last do the math...40-14=26 years this man has put up with my artsy RIGHT BRAINED behavior!

Do you remember the television show Dharma and Greg? Well, that is like our family. I kid you not. My family is more "granola- hippy'ish" kinda like Dharma and Left Brain's is more like Greg's family on the TV show...let just say back in the day they could have posed for a true Norman Rockwell painting! Check out this clip on YouTube of Dharma and Greg! (HILARIOUS) I guess my mama was right....opposites do attract!

Ok, the funny thing about my Left Brain hubby is that he is REAL crafty / talented! (This usually is NOT the case) He can make anything from a king size bed with heart pine to a super de duper pantry door!!!! Check it out! I love love love it!
This door is made out of licences plates from places that we have either lived or visited on vacations...ever so coolzy! The back of the door is a dry eraser board...we get to leave notes and fun art for folks to see! Wahoo! Keep in mind, that we built this house like 5+ years ago and it took me about 4 years to decide what kind of pantry door I wanted! LOL - so we didn't have a door....but we got one now and it is a good conversation piece! All I got to say about building this house is that Martha Stewart has nothing on me but jail time! You see, Mr. Left Brain wanted to stain our concrete we did that. He had me laying tile, cutting tile, painting and all sorts of stuff! Put it this way, I got banned from doing a burn pile on our construction site once he realized that I had not only thrown a dead armadillo on the pile but I had put some kinda trash on the fire that started exploding.  HeeHEE - Oh yeah, it was like DUCK and run...stuff is shooting out of the fire. Well, come to find out it was like some type of thing from his nail gun - folks don't even get me started...I could write a book on all the stuff I have done like this over my 40 is a wonder he trust me after some of the stunts I have pulled!

Most women I know want really big diamonds and such...not me....give me some good ole' funky yard art and I am all good. Check out my ROOSTER that was given to me last year for Mother's Day! We have since added to our collection and that is a post for another time! You see Left Brain and Right Brains do seem to compliment each other...we have the same core values...just the way we go about our everyday life is a little different! The picture below is one of my all time so so sweet! MF, Left Brain and Moe...You see Left Brain is a wonderful Daddy too! From horse shows to volleyball tournaments to homework he is always present and the year 2010 that is an accomplishment!
I am going to close with a YOUTUBE clip of Jeanne Robertson "Don't send a man to the grocery store!" This is so dag-gum funny. If you are from the South and listen to will make you smile! She is southern and she so gets that southern humor and the traditions that we pass down from one generation to another! She gets that crumpling up cornbread and putting it in buttermilk and eating it with a spoon is a southern thing...The CRAZY thing is that if we are in the truck and we listen to her on XM....we so can relate when she starts talking about the LEFT Brain husband she has...I love her! I think we are like kindred spirits! Being a comedian is like doing LIVE art - so here is to Jeanne and all the LEFT Brains out there...we RIGHT brains LOVE you!

Happy Friday to all of you! Thanks for stopping by...x0x, Kim 1969

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