Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Snakes and Patterns for a Kindergarten Circus!

Hey y'all! Seen any snakes with this warm weather? This was a quick lesson we did to teach our kindergarten about patterns. I used a 12x18 piece of paper and cut out the slinky slanky snakey. The kids used markers...we love the scented markers the best...they last longer. Not kiddin' folks, I did a test about 10 years ago when I was teaching middle school in Fayette County, GA. These markers last way longer than other brands in my opinion...just sayin' for what it is worth.  I taught a mini lesson on Elements and Principles of ART and we created our snakes with some coolzy designs!  After the kids finished the patterns we chose a fun colored 12x18 background and added the stick on eyes! These will be used for the backdrop at the HCES Kindergarten Circus in May!

Ok, side story on Mr. Left Brains side of the family (for those of you just joining us Left Brain is my husband and Mr. Opposite is 1965's husband - enough get the idea)...well, I have this super cute nephew named Hudson...I call him Huddy - because I am the aggravating aunt and I get to do that! Anywho - about a month ago - I get a text from Huddy and it says he needs help. Geeze - I text back like any 40 year old aunt would do and say Whatz UP? Come to find out he has to do a project and he needs to make a paper mache snake. OK, my teaching insticts kick in and I google and search and find all the details for his project. Why do you ask am I telling you this - WELL, I found the COOLEST spot on the web called
Craig Carey Neo Folk Artist Below is an example of these bowls! Love it and I don't even like snakes!
As 1965's son and my daughter have been in the canoe on the lake most of the day today....I hope we only see ARTY snakes for the rest of spring break! I really don't want to encounter a real one - YUCK-O
Tootles....Thanks for stopping by - 1969, Kim

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