Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just Clowning Around With Kindergarten (elephants that paint???)

So, We are "Just Clowning Around" with Kindergarten at HCES. You see they are getting ready for their Kindergarten Circus...which is a big deal. And, of course they
 needed some super cool artwork to go along with the circus musical theme. We used 12x18 white drawing paper and created clowns. The kids colored them and outlined them with black markers. Then we cut them out and glued them to a funky colored 12x18 piece of construction paper. I think they are pretty hilarious! Kinda makes me wanna giggle when I look at them! I mean, all of the kids got the same instruction and each clown is such a unique creation...from BIG red feet to a couple named BOB. Hee hee....
elephant painting
Have you ever seen an elephant that could paint?  Check out this link here  It is true....elephants can paint! Check out this YouTube video of Kelly Ann, she is a Ringling Brothers Circus joke...see for yourself...the elephant

At Becky's Book Review, I found this informative review about a super cool book!

ELEPHANTS CAN PAINT TOO by Katya Arnold is a great nonfiction book for young readers. Arnold takes a simple and informative approach to writing. “I teach in two schools. One is in the city. The other is in the jungle. Some of my students have hands. Others have trunks.” She then proceeds to show page by page the similarities and differences between teaching painting to human children and to elephants. Informative sidebars provide more information about elephants without interfering with the flow of the simple text. “Some students eat grass. Others eat peanut butter and jelly. But they all love cookies.” The corresponding side bar reads “Elephants are vegetarians that eat grass, leaves, twigs, and fruit. They also like human food, especially ice cream. Each day they eat about three hundred pounds of food (as much as twelve cows eat) and drink thirty-five gallons of water (as much as a whole bathtub full). They use their trunks to put the food into their mouths and to slurp up the water.” Arnold’s use of comparisons is useful for explaining things to both children and adults. Her writing can also be humorous, one sidebar reads, “Elephants have 150,000 muscles in their trunks. (Our entire body has only 639 muscles.) Some elephants hold the brush by wrapping their trunks around it. Others hold it inside their trunks. If an elephant throws the brush away or eats it, he probably won’t become an artist.” But by far the greatest highlight of ELEPHANTS CAN PAINT TOO are the photographs by the author, Katya Arnold. There is an author’s note providing more information about how you can buy elephant art and support the Asian elephants.

Ok, as I was about to close, I did one more search and found this cool site that had information on 

Check it out....this was done by an elephant and is selling for $750.00! WOWZA....
Hong #075
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  1. Dang! $750. Think my 5 yr old could pass for an elephant?