Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, March 1, 2010

It is FREEZIN' Down here in the sunshine state...Take a look at these CLOSE-UP Perspective Snowfolks!

This was a great idea that I found from Patty over on Deep Space Sparkle. Check out that site - tons of art and some great information! Patty does a super-de-duper job at laying out the specific details of the lessons that she teaches. She shows you how to break it down into baby steps for explanation!  I did this lesson with PK4-5th grades and all of them turned our really well. 

We tried the lesson with different color background stinkin' cute! We used different shades of  9x12 or 12x18 construction paper in an array of colors from blue, green, red, to even black.  Speaking of that, when I teach the same lesson to multiple classes - I normally try to choose a different color background paper per each class. (EX: 3rd grade Mrs. Ray might be painting on a green piece of paper and 3rd grade Mrs. Ereckson might be painting on a blue piece of paper) That way if I have 7 classes on my drying rack at the end of the day I can at least identify which ones belong to what class in which grade. 

Another good idea is on the back of the project paper is to have the kids write their name and the class and grade. Sounds like a lot but once you get in the groove the kids do it automatically. They just learn to do it before they start on the lesson. (EX: 3rd Grade Mrs Ray...would read 3R student name) This has saved me from having art go into the "orphaned art" work pile....which takes a few minutes of the good old process of elimination to get to the bottom of which paper belongs to what kid with no name - make sense?

As for the cold weather down here in Florida...I am ready for my flip flops or funky sandals & a warm weather report from my man Jim Cantore- side story...when we moved to Tallahassee like 7 years ago- I kid you not..we had so many hurricanes that particular Fall that I told someone that I had spent so much time watching The Weather Channel - I felt like Jim Cantore needed to be on our Christmas card that year. Don't y'all remember...I think it was Hurricane Ivan that he liked the USA so much he doubled back and came back to visit...sheesh! I was use to snow days in GA not hurricane days- looking back on really makes me giggle out loud!                    
So, my buddy Jim here says...try the snow-men / snow-women / snow-folks - art lesson because it ROCKS! 

Happy Marvelous Monday to you all! x0x -1969
I sure am glad you stopped by to visit...from the words of a true southerner...Y'all Come Back Now, ya HEAR!

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