Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, March 22, 2010

In The Fish Bowl and e-course with Marisa Haedike at Creative Thursday

What: A staff development class for me to take my creative dreams further
When: Creative Thursday, starting March 4, 2010 for 6 weeks
Where: Wherever you long as you have internet! 

It is me, 1969...Kim - I am in this 6 week e-course. So far this has been very interesting.  We are on class #3 now. Marisa Haedike is sharing what she learned on her journey. I am a firm believer that why re-invent the wheel when you can learn from someone else...'eh! Isn't that some of what this bloggin' land is all about???? She is covering everything from how to make a living, marketing yourself and maneuvering yourself as an artist online, while staying true to who you are. The class had a limited enrollment and it is also personalized to the group attending weekly. According to Marisa, the first and second session did sell out so she recommend signing up soon to reserve your space. I did just that and I am so glad that I decided to take this e-course. It has made me do some soul searching in the art realm! I love to teach and I love to create art but sometimes there are just not enough ours in the day for all that I want to do! I am hoping to find an organized balanced way to juggle all of my creative juices and be a good mom and wife too! I really believe that there can be a happy medium between it all. It just depends on what stage your life is at...

Check out Marisa's site at Creative Thursday .  She has been really good about asking questions for us to ponder and having us respond back to them in our online classroom "fish bowl".  Here are a couple of questions us "fishies" have been asked to answer in our e-course during week ponder a few and see just how you would answer them....they really make you think!
Q: Why do you love what you create?
Q: What are you working on when you lose all sense of time?                                                           Q: What is success to you? (in terms of your art)
Ok, on that depends on which angle you look at it, right? So, above is a photo of 1969's daughter from this past weekend at a horse show that 1965 came too after 1965's daughter's soccer game. Yep, they love us so much that they came on down to Tally to spend some time with us per the previous post on the blog! Anywho - 1969's daughter is jumping for the first time at a fence height of 2 feet 6 inches on a fabulous pony named Daybreak. Her heels are down her head is up and Daybreak is on his journey of his course. So, I am on my journey. I love my life. I love that I have inherited this creative energy that wants me to keep on doing art....I love that me and Mr. Left Brain (who supports my artsy-ness and my sister's artsy-ness...giggle giggle) created this cool kid that has "umph" and she isn't real fearful! Oh, to be 11 again and have that care free attitude! I want to ride my art journey the way she is riding Daybreak...with a very SPUNKY and SASSY Attitude! I'll keep you all posted on the fishbowl e-course!  Thanks for stopping by....Hope you all have a FANTASTIC week! x0x, Kim 1969


  1. Hello fellow fishie :) Thanks for visiting my blog. I've really enjoyed reading through yours. One of my hidden dreams is to become an art teacher. Your posts are fun to read and inspirational!

  2. Coolzy! Glad you dropped by! It is nice that my sister and I can tag off and do post. We think it adds lots of variety!